Planning Ministry

The Planning Ministry is the most flexible of the ministries in that whenever an ad hoc committee is set up for any sort of short-term or long-term planning, it theoretically becomes the responsibility of this ministry.  All that can be reported on this site are committees that are in existence or which has been in existence recently.  As with the other ministries, this one is headed by two members of session with specific responsibility in this regard and is made up of a number of individuals who are involved in the various committees and task forces under its aegis.

Committees within the Planning Ministry:

  • Accessibility Building Committee
  • Election Committee
  • Natural Church Development
  • Personnel Committee

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is one committee under this ministry which operates continually; its work is essentially planning on an on-going basis.  Its tasks are related to contracts, working conditions and safety of the church's employees.

Natural Church Development

In 2009, a "Forward Planning Committee" was formed to continue the process started some years earlier which followed the "Natural Church Development" format.  The opinions of various segments of the church population are examined to ascertain through a formal process the priorities of the church in various well-defined aspects of church life.  The committee acts for a relatively short time period, but its work is valuable only if, several years later, the priorities of the congregation are re-assessed in a similar process using different individuals to measure progress in these specific areas.