This website is a new and gradually improving method by which we are attempting to communicate with our congregation and our immediate community.  Be patient, we beg, as we work to complete its construction!


Our publicity committee will advertise as requested all of the special activities at St. Andrew’s.  If any group in the congregation wishes to advertise a special event in the community, please let us know; we will be glad to oblige.


The Chimes is St. Andrew's' quarterly newsletter outlining the church's ongoing activities and upcoming events.  News of important events is submitted to raise awareness for the congregation.  Programs within the church are highlighted to encourage the people to attend and give support.  The calendar within the newsletter highlights events that will be happening that month to encourage all members to attend.  Each September the newsletter provides “in depth” coverage on up-coming programs and events.  The newsletter is a vehicle by which shut-ins and members who do not attend on a regular basis can keep in touch with their church.