The choir which enriches the services, primarily on Sunday mornings, is an energetic and diverse group who hold a common love for our Lord and Savior, and a common joy of celebrating that love through musical expression.  That musical expression includes a wide range of styles and formats, providing a stimulating message to all who join in our services.

Our adult choir consists of approximately 35 individuals in total, with an average of 25 to 28 celebrating each Sunday morning.  The members of this choir range from their mid-teens to over eighty years of age which brings a wonderful mix of voices to each composition.

The leadership from our co-directors of music instills enthusiasm and confidence in the choir members, and exposes the church family to a wonderful range of musical styles.

Special celebrations, such as Easter and Christmas, are particularly important to our choir in showing this form of worship.  In this sharing, the annual “Living Christmas Tree” presentations are a key element.

We also enjoy the voices and sweet sound of the children's choir for some of these celebrations, and we celebrate this inclusion in our musical presentations.  The leadership provided for these children by a volunteer is a blessing to all.

God has shown us that the joyful sound of music can be an integral part of our worship and we celebrate our choir's involvement in the worship within this church.