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Living Christmas Tree

Beginning in 1982, the annual Living Christmas Tree production has become an institution at St. Andrew’s.  Whatever the production may be - and it is different every year - the wonder and joy of Christmas is experienced anew by all those involved and, we hope, by those who make it a part of their Christmas to attend every year.  The planning begins in late June of each year and by the time the services have been completed, many members have played some part in the process.

Volunteers are welcomed in every aspect of the production.  The choir itself is augmented by singers from other churches and communities.  Anyone who is able to carry a tune is welcome to come to the first rehearsal in September and try us out.  But there are so many other aspects to the production that there are opportunities for everyone to help with one task or another.

For more details, please contact St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church by telephone at 705-324-4842 or the Living Christmas Tree Committee by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You are also welcome to visit the Living Christmas Tree website at http://living-christmas-tree.ca/ and our blog at https://standrewstree.wordpress.com/.